21 Dec 2013

My Winnings From Wendys Delights!

A good few months ago I won a competition run by +Wendy Stanbury over at Wendys Delights and +BornPretty BPS

The prize was $20 voucher to spend at the Born Pretty Store. 

Unfortunately the first package went missing :( that's why I am only just writing about it now. 

Here are the goodies!

I wanted to try a glow in the dark polish for ages so I picked up two a clear one and a bright pinky purple. I also thought I would give these stripers a try as I usually just use a brush and paint. The stripers do have a strong funky smell. 

I also got a set of 4 brushes, the handles are really long! I haven't used them yet but they look good. 

I bought a few packs of water decals as my nan loved the roses so I bought them for her (also a little it for me :P) 

I have $1 left so I bought a surprise gift. It came with a striping tape, stickers and angry bird decals. I don't think ill use any of that but you never know haha 

So what do you think of what I picked? 
Thanks to Wendy for this giveaway and its the only giveaway I have ever won :D


  1. You got some excellent goodies there! I love water decals, so easy and great designs, look forward to seeing your mani with them! x

    1. I agree, water decals are so easy and quick and always look good. Perfect for a beginner too!
      I cant wait to give these lovely flowers a go.