16 Dec 2013

Snowmen and PixieDust

Today I have another simple nail art using pre cut fimo canes from Sparkly Nails. 

I must say I'm not a fan of the canes you have to cut yourself, I always cut them too thick.
These can also be inlaid into gel or acrylic if ya that way inclined.

Queue Christmas themed photos...... 

Oh and I also made this bauble LOL! 

Pics aren't great again but I blame this solely on my bloody ass of a brother who has been messing with my camera and I have NO idea what he has done!!!!!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this PixieDust! Its Liberty and its soo sparkly and reminds me so much of Christmas! 
The snowman are 3D and really do stand out against the background polish.
If you want to purchase these cute little snowmen you can do HERE.
*one or more of the items featured here have been sent to me for my HONEST review. Please see my disclaimer for more details**

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