29 Dec 2013

Rose Nail Art Take 2!

After yesterdays annoyance I decided to give roses another go. 

I tried to use the water decals again over a lighter colour but you still couldn't see the decals colour. 

So I thought bugger this Ill give hand painting them a go (again) 
It has been a while since I have done any hand painting but I don't think they have turned out that bad. 

I used Sick Lacquers Cotton Candied and BarryM Gelly polish in Blueberry. I also decided to go matt today for a change and I LOVE IT!! 

I watched a few vids by Chelsea King a while back and I took inspiration from THIS video :D 
It also reminds me of like shabby chic Cath Kidston style and the Sick Lacquers polish really fits in with this design IMO. 

Photos are rubbish again! I feel like I have really fallen out of flow with my nails and this blog and hope to start a fresh in the new year with better photos. I know I am not a photographer but I want you guys to see my nails in the best way possible. 

So what do you think of these? 


  1. oooOoohhh I LOVE that base colour! :D

  2. Thanks, I love it! Sick Lacquers make loads of lovely shades. I like it becasue its not thick like a lot of indie glitters

  3. These look so pretty! I love Cotton Candied and the flowers turned out perfect :)