11 Jan 2014

New Years Nails! Only 11 Days Late!!

I apologise! 

my laptop died AGAIN! so was off being repaired. 
I do often wonder if people notice I have gone lol I'm sure some of you do :D 

So here are the nails I wore on New Years Eve.

I wore these for a very uneventful night in!
 As you know I have 2 young boys so I don't get out much at all now a days. 

This is Storm by Zoya. 
It is superbly superb! 
It has holo glitter scattered in a black base. 
2 coats in the ^above^ pic

I used a Moyou plate from the Festive collection for the gold streamers. I wanted to use the designs with "Happy New Year" and a clock on but they are just so bloody huge. I couldn't get them to fit on my nails at all. Its annoying when you buy a plate and can only use like 1 design :( 

I'm not quite sure what possessed me to put a blue bow on this Hahahah. I don't like it at all now I'm looking back at it. 

I hope you had a fab new years and 2014 is treating you well so far! 


  1. Doesnt matter how late it is.It is still beautiful

    1. Thanks hun i am glad you like it x