11 Jan 2014

**Crochet Corner**

Time for another instalment of Crochet Corner! 

I have started selling these now through a FACEBOOK page with a friend of mine. I can send anywhere in the UK, so if you are interested in anything then let me know :) 

<<<<Contact details or facebook :D

Okay so shameless product plugging over lol H
eres some things I have been working on.... 

I am all about the bobbles! Above we have a beanie hat that can be worn as a fitted beanie or as a slouchy hat. I love making these as they can be made in loads of different colourways. I made one for my dad in football colours.

This is a funky baby bobble hat, I love the colours on this! Can be worn by many sizes are you can roll up the front.

Simple Newborn/Preemie Beanie

I LOVE this hat. It has a cute ombre effect.

And finally some booties! These remind me of cheeky pixie boots! They even have a small pompom on the back :P

Hope you enjoy looking at these bits and bobs but please do let me know if you would prefer not to see these on my blog. I know it is a nail blog but I do like to share other part of me with you all :D 


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    1. thanks! my son has already lost them after wearing them a couple times! kids!