26 Apr 2014

Funky Line Nail Art + Sam Biddle Pen Review

I've finally had time to sit and have a little play with the nail art pen by Sam Biddles Be Inspired Range. 

I bought this and the Nails Supreme pens a while back to add to my nail art tool kit. 

This pen looks just like an old school dip pen but it has been modified to cater for thicker paints i.e water based acrylic. The paint has to be the consistency of cream. The paints designed to be used with this pen are also sold on Sam Biddles website. I bought black and white as I figured they would be the ones I would use most. 

When I received the pen it was already assembled and when I took it out the package I realised straight away that it felt really light in the hand. I personally am not a fan of that. I would prefer a bit more weight. I like to feel like I have a hold of something. 

I did my design using polish. Then used a fast dry topcoat. I then outlined in white using the pen and paint. As you can see I kinda messed this up and I got into a right kerfuffle. I tried to go over the lines to make them thicker and more bold but it was just dragging the already there paint off! 

Here's where I went wrong.
I used topcoat.
I couldn't put any real pressure on the pen as it was denting the topcoat. I just have no patience when it comes to drying time lol. The problem is the shine. I have problems with normal nail art acrylic gripping to that so I have no idea what possessed me to topcoat??!!! 

One other thing of note is how much mess i made! I got paint all up my arm and all over my hands. I am a really messy person anyway so I wasn't really surprised. 

All in all I need a shed load more practise and I believe the pen not doing a great was my fault

I have used this pen previously for my Earth Day nails. I found the text easy to do and Ill tell you for why.... I let the polish dry without using a fast dry topcoat. It was easy to get the paint to "grip" but still I found the flow could be uneven but I think with some practise this pen could be a nifty piece of kit to have, even if its just for writing text. I just cannot do text with a brush.

For the rest of this nail art I used Zoya's Areej and Mira. KBShimmer Chick Me Out and Sick Lacquers Grape Juice.

Have you ever tried this pen? Did you like it? 

You can buy this pen and the paints from HERE

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