20 May 2014

GUEST POST Textured Foil by Pocket Money Polishes


Hello Lovelies!  
Charlie from Pocket Money Polishes taking over the blog today. I wasn't really sure what I was going to do for my guest post today, especially when Jade declared I could do "ANYTHING!". As I looked through my untrieds I spotted a new textured polish from Moyra that I have been really excited to test about but have failed to get around to for one reason or another (blogger problem, ho hum). Moyra is a new brand to the UK and retails for a really reasonable price of about £3 a bottle - don't be fooled by this price tag though, the quality on all of the ones I have tried has been AMAZING and they are 3 free with the products made in Italy/Germany (so no Chinese cosmetic testing on animals). By the way you should be able to click on any of these images for a closer look!

I am wearing the shade 854 from their original sand collection - the finish is similar to an OPI Liquid Sand and takes a little while for the polish to dry down to its final finish but PHWOAR is it worth it. This polish twinkles with silver and pink sparkle AND there is a slight duochrome to the finish which moves it through the blue spectrum and into a purpley one. I kind of failed to get this to show up in the light box but TRUST ME. Really very pretty polish. I used two coats but it gave a really good and even coverage in one. Ok the one warning/bad thing about this polish: it is super pigmented blue and I know from experience this will be a stainer if you don't properly protect your nails with base coat. I doubled up on basecoat, I use OPI Natural Nail which dries in 30 seconds so it is no biggy. When you're removing make sure you swap your cotton regularly and swipe from cuticle to free age to really minimise any of the staining you get from scrubbing/soaking. The other tip is to use vaseline around your nails to protect them from the polish - any residue or polish that gets onto the vaseline (or lip balm) should just wipe cleanly off.



Finally for my accent nail, I always try and mix things up on my ring finger - just how I do things. I used Nails Inc The Serpentine as a base - it's a lovely inky petrol navy kind of blue creme. I picked mine up really cheaply from a nail sale and have used it SO many times. Once this was touch dry I grabbed some nail foil and matte side down applied bits of foil for this distressed holo foil look. I picked mine up from Born Pretty Store but you can get this product all over the place now. A good thing about most foils is you get an insane amount of product so you can use it loads of times for different looks and it's only ever about £1 to buy. I used a holographic rainbow foil and just chose sections from the spectrum that I thought would compliment the sand polish. This foil can crinkle under topcoat (I tried it after I took these pictures) but because this is kind of a distressed design it still worked. Crinkling is only really a problem when you're going for full nail coverage with a foil. I hope you've enjoyed reading this post and that you'll come and see what I am up to over on PMP.
Big thank you to Jade for inviting me to guest post today!    

Thanks so much Charlie! I love textured polishes and foils! I think im going to have to get some more Moyras! 

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