30 Dec 2014

OMG nail strips review


Can you believe Christmas is over? Its been a whole month since I blogged last but it seems like forever ago.

I was sent these nails strips a while ago from OMG Nail Strips. I do apologise for taking an age to get them up but life sometimes gets in the way, especially over the festive period!

OMG nail strips Geometric design stickers

To hear my honest thoughts on these please join me after the JUMP!
OMG nail strips Geometric design stickers
Included in the pack are two strips of this, so 14 nail stickers in total. They come in a range of sizes which are indicated at the bottom of the individual strip.

Let me just start of by saying how much I love this design. I was also sent an equally beautiful nautical set which I will have up in the near feature. OMG do have a load of beautiful designs which cost $7.99 a pack. Thats about £5.15 for a set of 14 individual nail strips, enough for one mani or a few feature nails. 

OMG nail strips Geometric design stickers

I found the application easy enough but I did have to cut pretty much all of them to fit my nail in the cuticle area, I don't consider myself to have particularly narrow nails but these strips are quite large. I hate having to cut them as I can never seem to cut neat enough but looking at them in the photos I think I did a good enough job, 
The strips themselves are quite thick compared to say Incoco real nail polish wraps. OMG nail strips are not made from real polish. Lets make that clear. These are the plastic sticker kind. 
I found that stretching these slightly helped with getting them to lie flat against my nails. The shape of my nails made it hard in the beginning to get them wrinkle and bubble-less but after a bit of practise I got it down! 

There was an issue though, the strip on my ring finger was very thin and already had a problem with the colour in the package, please see below photo. 
OMG nail strips Geometric design fault
I have darkened this photo slightly so you can see the problem with the colour stretch. This was like this on both sets of strips on the 11.5mm nail strip. 

It was like the strip had little stretch marks! I don't know why this, I suppose its a factory error as when I applied them my nail smile line was very visible too! Strange...

OMG boast that they last up to 10 days but they have actually already started to wear down and one has even chipped off whilst writing this post. I did use topcoat over the top of them as they suggested. I don't think these would last me through one bath lol!

Post round up
Easy and pretty quick to apply
Loads of designs available 
Quite thick 
Sizes are wide 
Don't last as long as real polish strips (on me)

I hope you found this post interesting. All in all I do like these and may use them for feature nails in the future or if I am going out somewhere just for the one night,

You can see the full range of OMG nail strips HERE 

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