18 Oct 2014

Star Water Decals from Sparkly Nails


Today I have some water decals from Sparkly Nails to show you, Water decals are so easy to use and I would recommend them to people who are not comfortable in hand painting or looking for something that is quick and easy to do but yields great results.

Star decals from Sparkly Nails review gradient glitter

I chose to use some Essie polishes and gradient them, I then added some glitter to the middle to fingers!
To read all the details and see more pictures then join me after the jump!

Sparkly nails water decal review nail art

I used 2 of my most used Essies, Butler Please and Bikini So Teeny. I find Essie polishes are fantastic for gradients and most art uses such as water marbling. I love the wide brushes they have! 

I then added Polish Me Silly Stardust over the middle and ring fingers. This looked great and I think i should have added glitter on all fingers! One coat of glitter of the gradient base. 

I then matted it with Mentality's Matte Top Coat.

I then added the water decals from Sparkly Nails. I cut out the ones I wanted then dipped them in warm water. I always use warmer water as I find it helps them to slide off easier. Make sure the nails is 100% dry before you add the decals or you may smudge the base!

 Wet the finger nail slightly with water to give you more time to place and move the decal around. Especially if you are new to using these. The polish has to be dry to do this. Then dab dry with kitchen towel or lint free pad before you add topcoat.

Sparkly Nails are based in the UK. They ship out really quick and they had a massive range of nail art items. Why not check out their shop and Facebook?

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